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Spend Coins!

The table below allows you to spend your coins. We have a very simple process for this. You complete the tasks in the activities, e-mail whatever the activity asks for, we credit you with coins, and you spend them.

Have fun!

NOTE: We will continue to ship existing materials with the Stevens-Henager logo until supplies are exhausted.



Rules for Coins


Your eligibility is from the date your admissions consultant says you're a new student through the end of your first week of school.

Your admissions consultant will send us an e-mail letting us know what your eligibility start date is.

When you start school, you will have until 11:59 p.m. Mountain time on Saturday at the end of your first week to turn in your coin achievements. E-mails dated after that are ineligible for rewards.


We will ship only to the address you have given us.

It is critically important we have valid contact information for you. All of the prizes you earn will be shipped to the address on record.


The Coin Keeper has the final say.

When you earn coins, submit the required information via e-mail to


We reserve the right to substitute

We hate putting this in but it is conceivable that something runs out and we can't get new versions of the same thing. As soon as that happens we'll update the images in the store but there may be a slight overlap. We'll try to notify you in advance of shipping if it happens so that you can opt to choose something else but we can't promise that.

The Treasure Chest!

Take notes in style with a Stevens-Henager College pen. It's also a great gift to show Mom you're on your way to a degree.Gold Coin - 3

This sturdy book bag is an environmentally friendly way to transport study materials and goodies to cafes, study groups, or the library. Gold Coin - 30

notebook with pen

Looking at the table, feel free to spend the coins you have. If you're uncertain what your coin levels are, please send an e-mail to coins@stevenshenager.eduGold Coin - 15


Keep track of keys and ID cards with this lanyard that lets everyone know you're headed for a new career. Lanyard has the Independence University logo repeated. Gold Coin - 5


Our 8GB flash drive is one way to backup data with style. (Actual drive image may vary.)Gold Coins - 45

A wireless mouse smooths the navigation needs as you study. Here's a great one with the school logo. Gold Coins - 65 | Platinum Coins - 3
This edgy urban tee shirt design is a great way to show off your school pride.

Gold Coins - 65 | Platinum Coins - 1

Look sharp around town in this ball cap with the Independence University logo. Gold Coins - 65 | Platinum Coins - 1

This fitted zip hooded sweatshirt is our primo prize. If you can do it all, this is the prize that proves it. Gold Coins - 78 | Platinum Coins - 4